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Septic Odors and Septic-Safe Solutions

Let's be honest—your septic system is a smelly business. It's also a fragile system. Imbalances in your septic system are the root of foul smells and septic odors. Fixing the problem before the scent should always be the guiding principle. But sometimes, bad smells persist. Here are a few septic-safe odor solutions when you need the smells gone fast. Septic Odors and Smells Inside Your Home When you are relaxing in your home, we often light candles with soothing scents like Lavender and Vanilla. Sewer and septic scented candles are not top sellers (and for a good reason). Septic odors [...]

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replaced

With a lifespan of 10-15 years, it's easy to forget your water heater needs maintenance, like your septic system. Have you noticed it isn't quite as efficient lately? Or maybe it's producing rusty water. Here are some signs your water heater needs replacing, and not repairing. Water Heater Maintenance Want to keep your water heater working like new for as long as possible? Here are a few tank maintenance tips. Drain Twice a Year Completely draining the tank twice a year flushes out sediments that have accumulated from the water supply. This process prevents sediments from hardening and damaging the [...]

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Top 10 Clermont Holiday Events

It's time to get into the Christmas spirit with these Clermont Holiday Events and Christmas activities. Join the community for tree lighting ceremonies, fun runs, plays, tea parties, bonfires, and more! Citrus Tower Christmas Light Shows When: Every Night in December, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Where: Citrus Tower Cost: Free The Citrus Tower does it big and bright for the holidays. Every December evening, the 226ft tall tower turns on over 100,000 Christmas lights in sync with seven-holiday tunes for a spectacular light show. Free parking with outdoor speakers is available at the base of the tower. The tower [...]

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Is Hydro Jetting Safe for Your Septic System?

Before pouring a gallon of chemical-filled Draino down the drain—remember your septic system. You may be fixing the clog, but you could be killing the bacteria needed to keep your system healthy. Luckily, modern technology has invented new and different solutions for those pesky clogged drains. But, is hydro jetting safe for your septic system? What is Hydro Jetting? No chemicals and no abrasive materials. Just pure water—with a lot of force. Hydro Jetting eliminates clogs by blasting water down a pressurized hose. The water comes out with a force of 3,000-4,500 psi, eliminating the clog apart. The Pros of [...]

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Top 7 Qualities of a Good Septic Contractor

Good contractors can be hard to find. And good septic contractors can be even harder to find. What makes them great? How do you know they will do a good job? Here is a list of seven qualities every good septic contractor has. 1. Knowledge They need to know what they are doing. And they need to do it well. While it may not be the most glamorous job, it is an important one. You do not want just anyone working on your septic system. You want someone that knows exactly what they are doing and how to do it. [...]

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Sewer Gas Can Make A Septic Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Sewer gas. Every type of septic system or sanitary sewer system produces sewer gas. Properly working systems vent the sewer gas away from households and businesses. But, when things are not in pristine working conditions, the gas begins to leak into your home, causing the dreaded rotten egg smell. What is Sewer Gas? Sewer gas is a byproduct of decomposing organic material AKA, the sewage (poop) in your septic system or sanitary sewer system. Composed of mostly methane gas, an odorless gas, the rotten egg smell comes from other gases. The most common culprit? Hydrogen sulfide or H2S. Because of [...]

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Is Chlorine Bleach Safe For Septic Systems?

We all love a clean, sparkling house. We also love septic systems that work and work well. If you own a septic system, you know how delicate the system can be.  You might be wondering, Can I still Use Bleach If I Have A Septic System?  Chlorine does more than restoring your whites and getting out tough stains, it also acts as a sanitizer. Sanitizers are designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses — including in your septic tank. Bacteria in your septic tank need to thrive in order for the system to operate correctly. But, misuse and overuse of Bleach [...]

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Septic Safe Plants & Lanscaping

Your guide to septic safe plants... You've just installed your new septic system and you're left with a dirt patch. Or you are tired of the boring green landscape. You want to enhance your curb appeal and keep your yard septic friendly. Here are some tips for septic safe plants and landscaping. Why Plant On Your Septic System You may have been scared away from planting on your septic system. And for good reason. Invasive tree roots can wreak havoc on drainfields. But, certain plants and landscaping can help the efficiency of your system. Grasses and flowers reduce erosion of [...]

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Effluent Filters and Your Septic System

Required by the Sate of Florida, effluent filters can extend the life of your septic system and increase the efficiency of the drain field. But, what exactly do effluent filters do for your septic system? How Effluent Filters Work Effluent filters are placed in the outlet end of the septic tank and assist in catching the non-degradable materials before they go into your drainfield. Septic systems are designed to degrade solid waste materials into sludge material that can later be pumped out of the system or broken down by bacteria. However, some materials (like human hair) cannot be processed and degraded. [...]

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Is Using a Garbage Disposal Safe For Septic Systems?

A common question that our Clermont FL septic company hears is, "Is Using a Garbage Disposal Safe For Septic Systems?" Although there are not any codes or regulations in Florida prohibiting the use of the garbage disposal with a septic system, we advise our customers to proceed with caution when using both together. The Garbage Disposal Isn't a Trash Can One of the reasons some Florida homeowners experience trouble with their septic tank is because they treat the garbage disposal like a trash cash. When they stuff vegetables, leftovers, macaroni, rice, grease, and anything that can fit down the drain, [...]

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