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Do Septic Tank Additives Work?

You've seen the ads for Septic Tank Additives promising to save money and avoid septic company service calls, but do they really work? Millions of properties utilize a septic tank system for treating organic waste water. Since the tank is underground, it's easy to neglect or forget about the system until a problem arises. By the time that happens, things are to the point they are going to require professional help to repair. Many are wisely taking proactive measures to extend the life of their septic system. Things like monitoring the drain-field and following the Do Not Flush rules can [...]

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National Estuary Program – Protecting Florida’s Coastline

The National Estuary Program (NEP) is a “collaborative, effective, efficient and adaptable coastal ecosystem based network” established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That is a lot of words. The basic description: the NEP is dedicated to keeping coastal estuaries healthy and beautiful, both nationally and here in Florida. What is an Estuary? The first thing you should know is what an estuary is. An estuary is a partially enclosed, coastal body of water where fresh water from creeks, rivers, and streams empties into the ocean’s salt water. They are found off of most coasts that have some sort of land [...]

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10 Tips For Septic Tank Inspections When Buying a House

One of the most costly mistakes that our Clermont FL septic company sees with home sales is not taking time for septic tank inspections when buying a house. When it comes to out of sight and out of mind, your septic system should not fall into that category. Failing to inspect and discuss the septic tank system with the owner could cost you thousands of dollars after you own the property. When you hire a home inspector and they tell you they have concerns about the septic system, don't feel like you could lose the house if you stir up [...]

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Choosing Septic Safe Laundry Soap and Dishwashing Detergent

Does using septic safe laundry soap really matter? Yes it does and here's why. The tank in your home septic system works with the ground soil and organic bacteria to filter the waste water leaving your home before it returns to the ecosystem. The soil is in a sense the final filtering system that removes bacteria and pathogens from getting into groundwater, and you might be disrupting that delicate process by using harsh dishwashing detergents or laundry soaps. Not only could you be polluting the ground water, but those harsh cleaning agents in those products could also clog the septic [...]

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5 Appliances That Could Be Hurting Your Septic System

With the increase of high capacity appliances in the home these days, you could be hurting your septic system without even knowing. By the time that you realize the combined impact of all these appliances, you may be knee-deep in waste calling a septic professional for an emergency repair. In our local area of Clermont FL we see two primary factors impacting the health septic systems, increase in unwanted solids and excessive water flow. While these can hurt the function and flow of the septic system, it can also affect the way the septic tank treats household waste. Rather than [...]

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How To Disguise Septic Tank Covers and Systems

While Septic Systems can help your wallet and are great for the environment, they aren’t the ideal lawn decoration. Luckily, they are pretty easy to cover up, so they fit seamlessly in your yard.  Here are the Do's and Don'ts on How To Disguise Septic Tank covers. The Don’ts Of Septic Tank Disguise Improper decoration and disguises can lead to some problems, including ruptured pipes in the drain field and tank. If you aren’t sure where your system is located, it is best to call your service technician to understand the lay of the land before beginning decorations. Here are [...]

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Water Saving Tips for Septic Owners

Water conservation isn’t just about the environment; it’s also about your wallet. Why not kill two birds with one stone using these water saving tips for septic owners? Whether you live in an area with city water and sewer or have a private well and septic tank system, conserving water can save you money and reduce the demand for ground and surface water. Here are some of our easy-to-implement water saving tips. Why Saving Water is Good for Your Septic System All pipes lead to your septic system. The less you push through those pipes, the less your system has [...]

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When To Avoid Septic Tank Pumping

A Simple Guide to Understanding When To Avoid Septic Tank Pumping An older fragile septic tank should be inspected before pumping. When there is an issue with your septic tank system, many homeowners think they should have the tank pumped to avoid further complications. While pumping is recommended in most situations, there are some conditions where you should avoid pumping a septic tank. If you have questions or concerns, calling Advanced Septic Services of Clermont FL should be your first course of action. When It's Best To Avoid Pumping Your Septic Tank 1. When the area around the [...]

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Septic Tank Humor and Funny Truck Signs

Starting in the the second grade and staying true through adulthood, there's one simple truth: everyone laughs (or at least groans) at a good bathroom joke. Here's a collection of septic tank humor and funny septic truck signs from around the web. Septic Tank Humor Septic tanks pumped. Swimming pools filled. Not the same truck. Do Not Flush: Sanitary Products, Used Diapers, Tissues & Q-Tips, Cotton Balls, Kittens & Puppies, Tiny Humans or Hopes & Dreams. The grass is always greener over the septic tank. - Erma Bombeck The only reason your neighbor's grass is greener is because their septic [...]

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3 Simple Ways To Locate Your Septic Tank

When you know exactly where the septic tank is located on your property, it can make it easier to perform regular maintenance. There is going to come a time when your tank is going to need to be inspected, pumped, and maintained. Ignoring inspections and maintenance and waiting until the system has a visible problem will significantly reduce the lifespan of the entire system in addition to creating a potential health hazard. 3 Ways To Locate Your Septic Tank Even though septic tanks may be difficult to find buried underground, the following steps will help you locate your septic tank [...]

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