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Bacteria In Septic Tanks – Don’t Upset The System

Although their work is not glamorous, bacteria in septic tanks are the work horses of your system. Keep the bacteria in your septic tank happy and healthy. While inspections and pumping go a long way, many are surprised to find that your septic tank is a living organism—at least the bacteria living there are. With trillions of bacteria naturally present and working to decompose the solid waste in your tank, it is important to know how to take care of them without upsetting the system. What Are The Bacteria Living In Your Tank? Bacteria are separated into two [...]

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Septic Owners Beware Of Flushing So-Called Flushable Wipes

Cleaner. Fresher. Flushable. Two out of three things are correct when it comes to the newest bathroom craze - flushable wipes. With companies claiming “flushable”, “septic safe” and “dissolves as easy as toilet paper” plainly on their products, its becoming a big problem for septic systems and sewers alike. To State It Clearly— Don't Flush Flushable Wipes. Tests done by *, independent labs, and home mythbusters clearly reveal the problem. When mixed with water, most toilet paper breaks apart in a matter of minutes. Not true with the so-called flushable wipe. Even after placing wipes in a blender for over [...]

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7 Signs and Symptoms of Septic Tank Problems

Notice slow drains, bad smells, funny sounds or greener grass? These can all be signs and symptoms of septic tank problems that require attention. Quick identification and treatment can save money and hopefully avoid the even bigger problem of septic system failure. About 25% of Florida homes utilize a septic tank, and on average 10% or more will suffer failure (US Census data and EPA Septic Fact Sheet PDF Download). Problems with septic tanks can be messy, expensive, and bad for nearby water sources (including well water). When signs first appear, it is vital to call in a pro like [...]

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Caring for Your Clermont Home Septic System

Caring for your home septic system doesn't have to be complicated, in fact, if you follow a few simple maintenance tips, you could save yourself a bundle of cash in repair bills. The key to proper septic tank upkeep comes down to four (4) elements; inspecting and pumping the system frequently, the efficient use of water, proper disposal of waste, and maintaining the drain-field. Here we have a comprehensive breakdown of these elements so you can take a more proactive approach to septic tank maintenance: 1. Inspecting and Pumping the Home Septic System It might come as a surprise that [...]

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Septic System Bathroom Signs and Poems For Sensitive Plumbing

Trying to tactfully remind guests to stop flushing items down the toilet? Use these septic system bathroom signs and poems to help protect your sensitive plumbing (and provide a laugh or two). Septic System Bathroom Signs Please do not throw anything in toilet except toilet paper. Our septic system thanks you! --- If you didn’t eat it or drink it then don’t flush it (…except for toilet paper). --- Clogging our septic is a serious issue, so PLEASE, flush only toilet tissue Do Not Flush Rules For Sensitive Plumbing Our home has sensitive plumbing. Thanks for flushing toilet tissue only. [...]

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7 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Septic Tank Backups

With the holidays fast approaching, so are the days of a house packed with friends and family celebrating this joyous time of year. When you are hosting parties at your home or traveling guests are planning to stay a few days, it means extra water usage. Suddenly a septic tank installed for a family of 4 is now serving a house of 6 to 10 or more! If the system is old, partially clogged, or already full it can wreak havoc on your plans. The last thing you need is a backed up septic with a house full of people! [...]

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