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Can Heavy Rain Backup My Septic System?

Hurricane season is here and starting in a big way with Harvey and Irma. As Floridians, we seem to have hurricane preparations down to a science, but is your septic system being overlooked? What happens when heavy rain and septic systems meet? Learn more about what you can do for your septic system before, during, and after heavy rains. Can Heavy Rain Backup My Septic Tank? Yes, heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes can put a lot of stress on a home septic system. As the ground surrounding your tank and drainfield absorbs the excess water, it makes it harder [...]

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Prepping Your Septic System During Football Season

If you like to throw game day parties, your septic system during football season goes through a lot—extra guests, extra cooking, and extra cleaning. Here are a few tips to get your septic system ready and keep it working properly during football season. Septic System During Football Season You know that feeling when your team’s Quarterback is desperately going for the game winning touchdown, no one is open and now he is running out of the pocket about to get bombarded by the opposing team’s defensive line? Yeah, that feeling. That is how your septic system is feeling when under [...]

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10 Tips For Living With A Florida Home Septic Tank

Living with a Florida home septic tank can be a breeze if you just pay attention to what goes in the system and what is happening around it. The following tips will keep everything functioning normal and avoid costly repairs. Tips For Living With A Florida Home Septic Tank 1. Doing the Laundry If you notice bubbles coming from under the septic cover, it might have to do with the products that you are using to clean your clothes. Fillers in powdered laundry soap can even clog the system and result in the septic backing up into the house. Use [...]

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Do Septic Tank Additives Work?

You've seen the ads for Septic Tank Additives promising to save money and avoid septic company service calls, but do they really work? Millions of properties utilize a septic tank system for treating organic waste water. Since the tank is underground, it's easy to neglect or forget about the system until a problem arises. By the time that happens, things are to the point they are going to require professional help to repair. Many are wisely taking proactive measures to extend the life of their septic system. Things like monitoring the drain-field and following the Do Not Flush rules can [...]

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What Are The FHA Septic System Loan Rules?

If you plan to buy a home with a septic tank, it is important to know the FHA septic system loan rules that need met before this type of home mortgage will be approved. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) folks are just as concerned about the home's value as they are the safety of the residence. They are able to delay the sale of the house if they deem that any part, septic system included, could result in problems. Your responsibility early in the buying process is making sure the home's septic system and well have a clean bill of [...]

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What Septic Tank Size Do You Need?

You are planning your dream home. The numbers of bedrooms are set. The floor plan is set. The decision to use an on-site septic system is set. Now the final question remains: What septic tank size do I need? Septic Tank Size Matters We have all heard the saying, but it is especially true when choosing a septic tank size for your home, business or property. Too small of tank means there is not enough time for waste retention in the tank leading to less than ideal settlements of waste material. What does this mean? The bacteria that are working [...]

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Biosolids Program — Where Does Sewage and Septic Waste Go?

Quickly after the development of sewage and septic tank systems, the next problem arose: what to do with all that waste? After years of dumping their waste and sewage into watersheds and city streets, we needed a better, cleaner and safer answer. The answer became the Biosolids Program. What Are Biosolids? All waste, from sewage or septic, is left with what is referred to as sewage sludge which are the solid materials found in sewage. When properly treated and processed this sewage sludge becomes known as biosolids. Biosolids are a nutrient-rich, organic material that has effective environmental practices as a [...]

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A Guide To Florida Septic Tank Regulations and Rules

Florida Septic Tank Regulations play an important part in protecting our drinking water. With 90% of Florida's potable water supplied through ground water, it is imperative septic systems be properly designed, installed, and maintained to protect this natural resource. Septic tank systems in Florida, otherwise known as onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS), are an effective and safe means of disposing wastewater for about 30% of Florida's population. There are estimated to be around 2.6 million septic tank systems in operation through this state alone, with Florida accounting for 12 percent of all the systems currently in use throughout [...]

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National Estuary Program – Protecting Florida’s Coastline

The National Estuary Program (NEP) is a “collaborative, effective, efficient and adaptable coastal ecosystem based network” established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That is a lot of words. The basic description: the NEP is dedicated to keeping coastal estuaries healthy and beautiful, both nationally and here in Florida. What is an Estuary? The first thing you should know is what an estuary is. An estuary is a partially enclosed, coastal body of water where fresh water from creeks, rivers, and streams empties into the ocean’s salt water. They are found off of most coasts that have some sort of land [...]

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Nitrogen in Septic Systems – Is It As Scary As It Sounds?

By design, Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS), or septic systems, use biological processes to reduce the amount of waste and sewage coming for your household or business. These biological processes include using bacteria to consume ammonium and converting it into nitrate. But, what does Nitrogen in septic systems mean for the environment? Nitrogen In The Environment Nitrate and Nitrogen aren’t necessarily bad for the environment; in fact, they can help the surrounding areas around your septic system flourish. Plants consume nitrogen to grow, and Nitrogen is a naturally occurring element in the atmosphere—making up 78% of the air in [...]

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