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Septic Drain Fields are just one of the many areas of septic installation and repair thatinstalling septic drain fields Advanced Septic Services in Clermont, FL can take care of it for you. A drain field, also called absorption bed, disposal field, seepage field or leach field, is the main treatment component of most septic tank systems. The drain field is a main component in the septic tank system. The septic tank system relies on the drain field soil’s ability to absorb water in order for proper disposal.

Types of Septic Drain Fields

Most common drain fields are gravity fed. They typically consist of gravel trenches and perforated pipes which run the length of the drain field. The effluent is then distributed to these pipes where it then runs into the gravel beds. The second process begins in the gravel beds as the effluent fills the trenches then seeps into the surrounding soil.

Infiltrator® systems are more recent technology. Infiltrator chambers are hollow structures that attach end-to-end. They are installed in trenches or beds without gravel (except where local codes require the use of gravel). The entire bottom of the trench is open for unobstructed infiltration of water. The large storage volume within the hollow chambers accommodates peak flows of effluent from the home. Infiltrator chambers also feature patented sidewall louvers that allow lateral leaching of effluent into the soil.

Some sites might not be able to hold one of the previous drain field systems. For these problem sites a mound system is an alternative. A mound system contains a pump that pushes the effluent through the septic tank into a dosing tank. The mound itself is constructed above ground using specially selected sand to help with the disposal of the effluent. The level of the sand is based on the depth of the natural soil above a limiting layer. The limiting layer can be constructed of either bedrock, seasonally high groundwater, or low percolation rated soil layer.

Grass and/or shallow-rooted plants are the best covers for your drain field. Don’t park cars and trucks on the drain field or septic tank. Also, don’t install driveways, patios, carports, decks, storage sheds, sports courts, landscaping plastic, and/or allow animals to graze. These activities pack soil and may lead to pipes breaking.