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Septic Tank Services

A septic tank system uses natural processes to treat and dispose of the wastewater generated in your home. It typically consists of a septic tank and a drain field, or soil absorption field. The septic tank provides the first step in treatment. As the wastewater flows into the tank, the heavier solids settle to the bottom to form a sludge layer, and the lighter solids, greases, and oils float to the top to form a scum layer. The liquid wastewater (effluent) from the tank flows into gravel-filled trenches in a typical drain field where it is distributed via perforated pipes and then treated by the natural soil system. Click here to read more about Septic Tanks

Drain Fields

Septic Drain Fields are just one of the many areas of septic services that Advanced Septic Services in Clermont, FL can take care of for you. A Drain field, also called absorption bed, disposal field, seepage field or leach field, is the main treatment component of most septic tank systems. The drain field is a main component in the septic tank system. The septic tank system relies on the drain field soil’s ability to absorb water in order for proper disposal. Click here to read more about Drain Fields


Grease Trap Service is offered by Advanced Septic Services in Clermont, FL. Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors or grease recovery devices, are devices which are designed to intercept oils, greases and other substances before they reach the drainage system. This device is crucial in maintaining a productive septic system because when greases or fats reach the septic system they can solidify and cause blockage of crucial pipes. Click here to read more about Greasetraps

Pump Outs

Pump out servicing is just one of the many services that Advanced Septic Services of Clermont, Fl offers. It is recommended that you have your septic tank system pumped out every three to five years. A septic system requires the pump out service because of solids which accumulate and begin to fill up the tank. The tank should be pumped when it reaches 30 – 50% capacity. Click here to read more about Pump Outs

Septic System Inspections

A full septic system inspection is crucial when looking to purchase a new house or determining if you need to repair your current system. Advanced Septic Services of Clermont, Fl offer a full Inspection service exploring all areas of the septic system. Click here to read more about Septic System Inspections from Advanced Septic Services…


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