Advanced Septic Services provides an array of septic services in Clermont, FL, including septic tank services, drain field services, pump-outs, grease trap services, and more.

About Advanced Septic Services of Florida

Located in Lake County, Florida, Advanced Septic Services has been offering septic services in Clermont, FL, since 1999. We know the ins-and-outs of what it takes to keep a Florida septic system working efficiently.

Certified by the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association, we are fully insured and licensed. We are committed to providing the best services while also protecting the environment and the health of our Lake County residents.

Septic Services in Clermont, Florida Septic Systems

Septic Services in Clermont, FL

Septic systems aren’t just one piece; it’s called a system after all. That’s why we provide services covering every part of the septic puzzle.

Septic Tank Services

Your septic tank is the first stop for waste and wastewater, leaving your home or building. 

Septic tanks use natural processes, treating and separating waste before transferring liquid wastewater (effluent) into your drain field. How? With the help of bacteria.

As waste enters your tank, the heavier solids sink to the bottom, forming a sludge layer. Over time, bacteria feast on solid wastes helping manage the sludge layer of your tank and breaking down waste and sludge.

But, sometimes, your septic tank needs a little help. That’s where Advanced Septic Services comes in. We offer septic tank installation, repairs, replacements, and pump-outs.

Septic Pump-Outs in Clermont, FL

Septic pump-outs are part of the required maintenance for septic systems. Luckily, with healthy septic tanks, pump-outs need only happen every three to five years, depending on your tank’s capacity and usage.

Tanks should be pumped when the capacity reaches 30% – 50%. If this is happening faster than every three years, it could be time to reevaluate how you treat your septic system.

What happens if you don’t pump your septic tank? Instead of having time to treat the wastewater, it flows directly into your drain field untreated and unseparated. This leads to all sorts of issues for your drainfield.

Drain Field Services

Once the effluent leaves your septic tank, it enters the drainfield for its final treatment and distribution into the ground.

Also known as the leach field, absorption bed, and disposal field, it’s one of the septic services in Clermont, FL, that Advanced Septic Services covers.

Why? Because it’s the essential last piece of your septic system. Your system relies on your drainfield’s soil’s ability to absorb water for proper disposal. When your system is overworked and dumping too much water into your drain field too quickly, it can cause significant environmental issues as the wastewater doesn’t receive it’s final cleanse.

Staying on top of your septic tank maintenance, diverting rainwater, and following Do Not Flush Rules keeps your drain field happy, healthy, and dry.

septic services in Clermont, FL; drain field installation

Grease Traps 

Oils, grease, fats, and other substances are bad news for your septic system. When you operate a commercial kitchen, there are a lot of those trying to make their way down your drains.

Enter the grease trap. It catches the unwanted substances, trapping them before they enter your septic system, and cause blockages and backups. Using a two-chamber system, a grease trap dramatically diminishes the amount of grease and oil that enters your septic system. But, once it’s full, it stops working efficiently as the grease doesn’t have anywhere to settle and flows into your septic tank along with the wastewater.

That means it’s time for a cleaning. Advanced Septic Services offers a complete grease trap maintenance service, cleaning the entire trap — not just the top layer. 

Septic System Inspections

When purchasing a new home or determining if a repair is needed, a septic system inspection is necessary.

We offer full inspection services, exploring every area of the current septic system making sure everything is working order and adequately sized for your home’s capacity. 

What does a full septic inspection include? Beyond the visual inspection, your septic technician with open the septic tank and examine its capacity level and water-to-sludge ratio. Giving you an actual look at the health of your septic tank and septic system and giving you the answers you need.

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