Your septic tank is essential for storing and breaking down the wastewater your home produces every day. Keeping your septic tank healthy not only keeps it working correctly, but it also prolongs it’s life and saves you money.

For this reason, knowing the signs of a healthy septic tank helps you stay on the right track.

5 Signs of a Healthy Septic Tank

5 Signs of a Healthy Septic Tank

Your Lawn is Healthy, But Not too Healthy

One visible sign of a failing septic tank is a disproportionately-green lawn. Since your septic tank and drain field exist below ground, the wastewater from the septic tank can seep into your yard and affect your grass and plants.

Wastewater can affect your lawn in the same manner as manure, which can result in odd, bright green spots in your yard, particularly around your drainfield.

A lawn that is healthy, but not too great, signals that your septic tank is also healthy.

Drains that Drain

Another sign of a healthy septic tank is a fast drain, both in your sink and toilet. Slow-moving drains signal clogs on your pipes or septic system. This means either a plumber or a septic professional needs to come to take a look at your pipes and system.

Your toilets and sink should drain quickly. If they do, this is a sign of a healthy septic system.

No Odors

A full septic tank that is clogged will eventually start to smell up the house as those fumes back up into your pipes.

Notice a smell? Time to call your septic professional for a septic tank pump-out and inspection as a healthy septic system isn’t seen or smelt.

No Sewer Backup

A damaged or full septic tank will allow wastewater to travel up your entire plumbing system and rise toward the lowest drains in your home. This is called a sewer backup.

A sewer backup is one of the most noticeable signs of a distressed septic system. It’s also a sign that immediate action should be taken.

No Pooling Water

When it rains, it’s normal to see some pools of water in your lawn — those 4:00 pm Florida downpours are no joke!

However, large pools of water or “mini-lakes” are not typical and can indicate a septic tank issue.

When your tank reaches its capacity, solid waste can clog the system and force the liquid to rise to the surface of your lawn. A healthy septic tank doesn’t cause this problem.

Therefore, the absence of pooling water in your yard shows that your septic tank is working well.

Is Your Septic Tank Healthy?

Having a healthy septic system and septic tank is essential for your home’s plumbing.

If you are having issues with your septic tank or would like to request an inspection from one of our licensed professionals, give us a call today at (352) 242-6100.