While Septic Systems can help your wallet and are great for the environment, they aren’t the ideal lawn decoration. Luckily, they are pretty easy to cover up, so they fit seamlessly in your yard.  Here are the Do’s and Don’ts on How To Disguise Septic Tank covers.

The Don’ts Of Septic Tank Disguise

Improper decoration and disguises can lead to some problems, including ruptured pipes in the drain field and tank. If you aren’t sure where your system is located, it is best to call your service technician to understand the lay of the land before beginning decorations. Here are a few basic don’ts to keep in mind.

  • Trees. Keep trees at least 25feet away from the drain field. Trees and some bushes grow long, strong roots that can get tangled in and in some cases, pierce the septic system.
  • Grass Covering. While grass is an option over the drain field, nothing permanent should be planted on top of the septic tank cover since regular maintenance and pump-outs are a must to keep your septic system running efficiently.
  • Fencing. Use fencing sparingly, carefully, and shallowly. Staking posts too far down can cause serious problems for your drain field.
  • Vegetable Gardens. Do not plant vegetable gardens near or around your septic system as contamination is easy.
  • Heavy Items. No large lawn ornaments or gazebos above or near the septic system and drain field. All that weight can easily begin to put pressure on your system.
  • Driveways. Don’t park cars or machinery over a septic system.
  • Animals. Keep animals away from the system. The last thing you want is to find your dog has dug down too far and confused PVC for a bone…

The Do’s For Hiding Your Septic Tank

disguise septic tank coverNow that you know the baselines and rules, here are some ideas to get you inspired for hiding your septic system. The biggest advice? Get creative. Find what fits in your yard and climate.

  • Plant tall native grasses with fibrous roots around the opening to conceal the tank lid from view.
  • Place a light statue, bird bath or potted plant over the septic lid.
  • Septic tank risers and covers are an alternative to concrete and blend into green grass.
  • Artificial Landscape Rocks are light weight and easily slip over the cover for quick access when needed.
  • Movable Rock gardens. These are great temporary/non-permanent disguises that can completely conceal the area.
  • Mosaic Lid Covers. Small colorful tiles or stones can be used to create a mosaic design on the top of a concrete septic lid.
  • An Old Wine Barrel can be cut in half and filled with flowers or turned upside down for an alternative to the fake rock cover.
  • If you can’t find anything to place over the lid that fits into the surrounding yard aesthetic, paint the lid the same color as the existing surroundings.

Disguising Septic Tank Covers Video


Your septic cover doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Remember to work with your personal aesthetic and climate to keep the cover-ups pleasing to the eye as well as low maintenance. For more septic tank disguise ideas, visit our Pinterest Board for inspiration.