Should You Repair or Replace Your Septic System?, Advanced Septic Services of Florida

If you are a homeowner and are responsible for a septic system, this is a conundrum you’ll likely face at some point. Should you replace or repair your septic system? One may be significantly more expensive than the other, which makes the decision stressful.

Calling in a trusted local professional can help guide you toward the direction you should take. If repair bills have been building up, it may be time to replace the system before disaster strikes and it breaks down altogether.

How to Decide Whether to Replace or Repair Your Septic

When septic system owners are faced with several repair jobs that seem to drain their bank account, they begin wondering if a replacement is in order. Of course, this isn’t a cheap option and should only be done once there are no other reasonable options.

On average, septic systems are designed to last for decades with proper maintenance. If you move into a home and are unsure when the septic system was installed, it’s best to call in a technician to inspect the system and provide you information on how often it was pumped and any upcoming repairs.

The average homeowner doesn’t know how to determine whether their septic system needs to be replaced or if it could get by with a repair. That’s where the septic experts come in to provide helpful advice and quality service.

The first step in determining a course of action is to identify the problem and receive a quote on how much it would cost to fix if it is repairable.

Signs You Should Replace Your Septic System

If you’re experiencing a total septic failure, this is often a clear sign that a replacement is necessary. This may happen when the regular maintenance schedule has not been followed or if the damage was done to the system through other means.

Even if you’ve done everything right and been the model septic owner, septic tanks age.

All septic tanks will reach a natural end of life, at which point they need to be replaced to keep things flowing smoothly. When purchasing and moving into a home, gather details on when the septic system was installed and begin budgeting for a new one if it’s been well over 20 years.

Drain field failures can be a result of systems that weren’t pumped enough over their lifespan, resulting in a buildup of sludge and scum that cause wastewater to pool and cause foul odors near your home. A replacement may be required in this situation.

When You Should Repair Your Septic

Signs of a malfunctioning septic system can be bad odors, backed-up pipes, gurgling drains, and saturated drain fields. If you notice these issues, call in a local septic service to diagnose the problem.

Sometimes, having your tank pumped can buy you enough time to make a decision. This generally runs a few hundred dollars, which is a fair price for the extra time to make a smart financial decision.

Repair jobs can be as simple as adjusting a pipe or pumping the tank. If you have a broken pipe, a patch may run you a few hundred dollars. This is certainly cheaper than replacing the system altogether.

If there is a pattern of various small repairs, this can sometimes be an indication that a larger repair is coming. At this point, some homeowners may opt for a replacement to avoid the hassle of calling out technicians frequently.

Need a Replacement or a Repair? We Have You Covered.

At Advanced Septic Services of Florida, we can help you with all of your septic system needs. We can come to inspect and diagnose any issues with your system and provide you with a repair estimate or a replacement alternative.