Even though it has a big (and gross) job, your septic system is actually quite delicate. It is why we always talk about maintenance, “Do Not Flush” rules, and treating your system kindly. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise we have a few septic safe dishwashing tips up our sleeves.

Septic safe dishwashing comes down to water conservation, using your trash over your garbage disposal and using the best soaps for your system. It doesn’t need to be difficult, just septic safe!

Septic Safe Dishwashing Tips

Septic Safe Dishwashing Rules

When washing your dishes (both by hand and using a dishwasher), it’s critical to keep a few things in mind. Just because you can’t see your septic system, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be treating it with care.

  • Use Less Water. Like other areas of your house, water conservation is critical! Washing dirty dishes pushes lots of water into your septic tank — and quickly. Combine this with taking showers and running the washing machine around the same time, and you could find yourself with an overloaded system.
  • Use the Trash, not the Disposal. Garbage disposals are a great time-saver, scrape all the scraps down, and you’re down. But while you save time, you’re also destroying your septic system. Instead, act like your garbage disposal doesn’t exist. Why? Most items folks put down the garbage disposal aren’t meant to be near your septic tank, including:
        • Fats, oils, and greases
        • Coffee grounds
        • Rice, pasta, and beans
        • Vegetables
        • Leftovers
        • Milk, coffee, tea, soda, etc.
        • Eggshells
        • Potatoes
  • Stay On Top of Your Septic Pump-Outs. If you’re using your dishwasher and garbage disposal frequently, you may notice you’ll need to schedule your pump-out a little earlier than normal. When making your septic tank process the scraps and excess water, it’s important to stay on top of your maintenance schedule.
  • Stop With the Chemicals. While bleach and antibacterials keep your kitchen counters clean — they’re destroying your septic tank. Start looking for septic safe dishwashing soaps as replacements!

Septic Safe Dishwashing Soap

Your septic system has a delicate balance of bacteria that handles the breakdown of waste and wastewater, helping treat the wastewater before it’s pushed into the drain field. Without these essential bacterias, your septic tank would be unable to operate properly.

While your household chemicals and cleaners may be getting your dishes and counters clean, they may also be destroying the bacteria in your septic system.

It’s important to find septic safe dishwashing soap to keep your home and your septic happy and clean. The key is to find “mild” detergents, staying away from “antibacterial” soaps and soaps that contain any toxic chemicals that harm natural bacteria in your septic tank.

This applies to all aspects of dishwashing: hand washing, dishwashers, and hand soaps. Anything that goes down the kitchen drains needs to be septic safe!

Septic Sytems and Dishwashing

Septic systems and dishwashers can get along excellent — as long as you are practicing septic safe dishwashing. 

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