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Protecting Florida’s Health With FOWA

As a member of FOWA, we are often asked, "Just what is FOWA?" That's a great question! For starters, FOWA is short for the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association. It is made up of professionals involved in onsite sewage treatment (like septic systems) dedicated to protecting water resources and the environment. Members include FL licensed contractors, plumbers, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and septic installers like Advanced Septic Services of Clermont.  FOWA offers: an annual convention master courses continuing education credits (CEUs), and homeowner education resources. They have a hands-on training center and research facility located in Lake Alfred, FL. The Florida division [...]

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7 Signs and Symptoms of Septic Tank Problems

Notice slow drains, bad smells, funny sounds or greener grass? These can all be signs and symptoms of septic tank problems that require attention. Quick identification and treatment can save money and hopefully avoid the even bigger problem of septic system failure. About 25% of Florida homes utilize a septic tank, and on average 10% or more will suffer failure (US Census data and EPA Septic Fact Sheet PDF Download). Problems with septic tanks can be messy, expensive, and bad for nearby water sources (including well water). When signs first appear, it is vital to call in a pro like [...]

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Septic System Bathroom Signs and Poems For Sensitive Plumbing

Trying to tactfully remind guests to stop flushing items down the toilet? Use these septic system bathroom signs and poems to help protect your sensitive plumbing (and provide a laugh or two). Septic System Bathroom Signs Please do not throw anything in toilet except toilet paper. Our septic system thanks you! --- If you didn’t eat it or drink it then don’t flush it (…except for toilet paper). --- Clogging our septic is a serious issue, so PLEASE, flush only toilet tissue Do Not Flush Rules For Sensitive Plumbing Our home has sensitive plumbing. Thanks for flushing toilet tissue only. [...]

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7 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Septic Tank Backups

With the holidays fast approaching, so are the days of a house packed with friends and family celebrating this joyous time of year. When you are hosting parties at your home or traveling guests are planning to stay a few days, it means extra water usage. Suddenly a septic tank installed for a family of 4 is now serving a house of 6 to 10 or more! If the system is old, partially clogged, or already full it can wreak havoc on your plans. The last thing you need is a backed up septic with a house full of people! [...]

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