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6 Things to Know About Commercial Septic Systems

Infrastructure is an essential part of any commercial property. However, we often don’t think about all of the planning that goes into a new restaurant or a local park — this includes commercial septic systems. Clean water and a fully functioning septic system are highly regulated with permits and requirements by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Program, including those with commercial systems. If you already own commercial property, you are more than well aware of these requirements. However, what if this information is new for you or if you're in the process of opening [...]

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Septic and Sewer Systems: What’s the Difference?

Often, the words septic and sewer are thrown around in topics regarding wastewater treatment. These words may seem like they’re the same thing, but they’re not. Sewer and septic actually refer to two different types of systems. Although both types of systems serve the same purpose, wastewater, and drainage treatment, their scales and operations are entirely different. To put it simply, the type of wastewater treatment system you have depends on your property’s location and municipality. Let’s take a moment to go over the differences between septic and sewer and each types pros and cons. [...]

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Common Drain Field Questions

Drain fields. We talk about them a lot in terms of maintenance, but how much do you think about yours on a daily basis? Chances are minimal. Florida has many rules and regulations for your septic system, including the drain field. But, this doesn’t mean you don’t have a stack of drain field questions built up. Let’s take a moment to read through some of our drain field FAQs. You may have some of the same questions. Common Drain Field Questions What is a Drain Field? A drainfield is a major part of your [...]

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Are Residential and Commercial Septic Systems Different?

Throughout history, civilizations have evolved septic system technologies into what they are today. Nowadays, septic systems come in all shapes and sizes. Their differences depend on the property – its size, it’s wastewater output, and the type - if they are residential or commercial septic systems. A lot of the articles that we offer our clients have to do with residential septic systems. But, we also provide services for commercial septic systems. If you own both residential and commercial properties, you’ve probably noticed a lot of similarities between their septic systems. But also some significant differences. So, let’s take [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Your Septic System Contractor

When you think of your septic system, the first word that pops into your head probably isn't delicate. But, your septic system is just that — delicate and vital. So when it comes to working with a septic system contractor on repairs and maintenance, finding the right company for the job is essential. So, we have taken our decades of knowledge working on septic systems in Florida to create a list of questions you should be asking your septic system contractor. 5 Questions to Ask Your Septic System Contractor You wouldn't scoop anyone off [...]

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Selling a House with a Septic System

We’ve written several articles on what to look at when buying a home with a septic system. But, what if you’re selling a house with a septic system? Chances are that you already know your houses quirks. You know what needs to be repaired and what has just been fixed. But, do you know this about your septic system? Many people don’t, because the majority of septic systems are underground, meaning that it isn’t seen very often. But, it’s an essential part of the property you’re selling and should be in good condition when the buyers move in. Selling [...]

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5 Signs of Drain Field Problems

Drain fields are essential to the health of your septic system. As the household waste travels through your septic system, it ends up in the drain field. Once waste in the septic tank is broken down and digested by affluent bacteria, it is expelled into the drain field. With such an important role its essential to know more about this part of your system and to know the signs of drain field problems. Why are Drain Fields So Important? In the drain field, waste from the septic tank will be processed again and eventually [...]

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6 Septic New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! As 2019 starts off, you are making your New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you’re changing a personal habit or creating a new one, all of us at Advanced Septic Services wishes you luck! This time of the year is a great time to start thinking about the rest of 2019. And, we encourage you to think about your septic maintenance and scheduling too. To help you with that we made a list of 6 Septic New Year’s Resolutions that you should prepare for the upcoming year. Take a look below to check our suggestions for your resolution [...]

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Common Questions About Grease Traps

If you own a commercial kitchen, you know how essential grease traps are to your business. They are vital to the health and safety of your kitchen. But, there may be some things that you don’t know about these necessary appliances. That’s why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about grease traps. Frequently Asked Questions about Grease Traps 1. Why do you need a grease trap? Grease, fats, and oils are food residues that come from cooking. These substances can’t be processed like the rest of the waste that goes [...]

Septic Tank Emergencies and Their Consequences

Here at Advanced Septic Services, we often write about preventing septic system mishaps. A lot of the time our blogs look at warning signs for significant septic problems. These could include bad odors, flooding, and gurgling noises. But, what are some of the more significant causes for these septic tank emergencies? For this article, we’ve gathered a general list of septic system emergencies for you. We go over their causes and their consequences. 3 Common Causes for Septic Tank Emergencies 1. Neglecting Routine Maintenance This is possibly the biggest issue. If you’re having problems [...]

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