Healthy septic systems run smoothly and are often forgotten about, leaving them to do their job in silence. Because of this, it’s sometimes hard to remember to treat your septic with care. Enter toddlers and kids. This careful treatment becomes exponentially harder when kids and septic systems begin interacting.

So, what can you do? What areas demand your attention and education? What can you do to teach your kids how to use a septic system?

Why Is It Important To Teach Kids About Septic Systems?

Teaching toddlers and young kids about proper septic system use may not always be easy, but it is necessary.

First, it will save you headaches (and money) in the long run by being vigilant now. Kids are known for flushing things down toilets and sinks, especially during potty training. The less foreign objects in your pipes and septic the better!

And it’s for their safety as well. When playing in the yard, there are specific areas that small kids, adults and pets alike should avoid. It’s your responsibility as a parent and septic owner to lay out the law of the land.

Kids and Septic Systems – What They Need To Know

Not sure where to start? Here are some rule that toddlers and kids should learn about septic systems.

Kids and Septic SystemsWhat Not To Flush

Or simplify it to what you should flush. The list of what is flushable is much shorter than what shouldn’t go down the pipes. Toilet paper and human waste—that’s it.

And parents, remember: “flushable” wipes are not flushable! Set a good example by tossing them in the trash instead.

Turn Off The Water If You Aren’t Using It

Brushing your teeth? Turn the water off until you rinse. Washing a dish? Turn the water off while you scrub. Just standing under the hot water in the shower? Get out and relax in your room instead.

Conserving water goes a long way in keeping your septic system healthy. Luckily, learning it is relatively easy for kids.

Avoid The Septic Tank Lid And Risers

When playing outside, kids thrive on their imagination. Three trees turn into a forest. Magical missions become critical. And your septic tank lid becomes a wealth of fun, intriguing possibilities.

Unfortunately, one of the most significant dangers associated with septic tanks is accidentally falling in through the lid/hole. While being a permanent member of the “do not play on” list, investing in sturdy septic tank lids and covers will put your mind more at ease for those occasions the kids go rogue.

If You Must Play In The Dirt, Do It Away From The Drainfield

Kids love dirt, and dirt never hurt—until it was previously involved in the treatment of wastewater.

Ideally, kids have the free reign to enjoy the outdoors and nature, taking a step back from computer and television screens. But, the drainfield is no the place for this.

Designate a “safe” zone for your kids to play, dig and frolic in the yard—away from the drainfield. And always have them wash their hand’s post playtime in case they meandered too close to the drainfield.

Kids and septic systems can mix—if they know the septic rules. And teaching them doesn’t have to be hard. Focusing on the basics, like do not flush guidelines and safe zones for playing, won’t overwhelm them.

Not sure where the safe spots are in your yard? Interested in learning where your septic system is? Call the professionals at Advanced Septic Services today at 352-242-6100.