septic system permit floridaInstalling a new septic system?  Here’s your “How To” guide for obtaining a septic system permit in Lake County Florida.

The permitting and inspection of Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS), aka septic systems, are handled through the Florida Department of Health. A properly installed and maintained septic system provides an environmentally safe way to remove wastewater and protects our water sources. With 90% of Florida’s drinking water supplied from our state’s groundwater, it’s a valuable resource to safeguard.

The environmental health department in each county is responsible for maintaining local ordinances that meet or exceed the state requirements.  The septic permitting office for Lake County can be found at 315 West Main Street in Tavares, FL and serves Clermont, Groveland, and neighboring communities.

Items Required For A New Septic System Permit In Lake County

1.    Septic Application

The first step is to complete and submit the application signed by the property owner or an authorized licensed contractor.  The DH 4015 Septic Construction Application Form is available here.

septic tank site plan permit example

Sample of A Septic Tank Site Plan From Lake County (Click to Enlarge)

2.    Scaled Site Plan

Include a site plan (see sample to right) showing the location of the septic tank and drain field on the land. It should also reflect all existing or proposed features on or near the property, including buildings, swimming pools, wells, driveways, easements, lakes or ponds, flood lines and other items.

3.    Property Legal Description

More than just a street address, the legal description describes the property location using a plat map or a metes and bounds description from a surveyor.  The legal description is part of the Warranty Deed, tax statement, or assessor’s property record card.

4.    Location Map

This identifies the actual location of the lot or acreage within Lake County.

5.    Building Floor Plan

A drawing (to scale) showing the dimensions of the home, square footage, and the number of bedrooms.  A business will need information related to the commercial building.

6.    Zoning Clearance

Properties located in the county will need a County Zoning Clearance issued by the Lake County zoning department.  A letter stating public sewer service is not available is also required if the property is near or within city limits.

7.    Permit Fees

The current septic permit fees charged by Lake County are $350 for a new permit (includes soil testing) or $235 (with soil tests provided).

These are the essential items needed to apply for construction of a new septic system. There are also specific forms and requirements for repair, replacement, or abandonment of existing systems.  Get all the details at Lake County Department of Health.

Setbacks, Lot Size Requirements and Septic Inspections

The county will review the application and documents carefully to be sure the proposal meets all requirements for:

  • setbacks,
  • lot size, and
  • sewage flow.

The tank and leach field will need to be placed a certain number of feet away from wells, property lines, buildings, and shorelines with each having their own setback distances.

Once an application is accepted and approved, that doesn’t end the process. Before construction it is important to find a contractor that is familiar and compliant with the Florida Department of Health’s guidelines and requirements for septic systems. Why? Inspections happen often. The last thing you want is to get the permit, install the system only to find out it is not compliant and have to begin the process again. With Florida’s ground water and aquifers of extreme importance, they are not lenient with non-compliant systems. Make sure your first installation is correct.

While all of that may seem daunting, there are plenty of resources to help you on your way. Not sure where to begin? Have a few more questions? Feel free to contact us at 352-242-6100.  Advanced Septic Services, Inc. is a licensed contractor specializing in septic installation, repair, and maintenance. We take great pride in serving the septic needs of our Clermont community.