Top Qualities of a Good Septic ContractorGood contractors can be hard to find. And good septic contractors can be even harder to find. What makes them great? How do you know they will do a good job? Here is a list of seven qualities every good septic contractor has.

1. Knowledge

They need to know what they are doing. And they need to do it well. While it may not be the most glamorous job, it is an important one. You do not want just anyone working on your septic system. You want someone that knows exactly what they are doing and how to do it.

How do you tell? Ask questions! If your septic contractor is taking their time answering your questions (with specific answers), they probably know what they are doing. Do your research! Know some basics before giving a new septic contractor a call. If they can’t explain anything more than what you learn from a 5 minute Google search, they may not be the contractor for you.

2. Licensed and Certified

This goes with knowledge. You would expect a doctor to be licensed and certified. You should expect a good septic contractor to be as well. Advanced Septic Services is fully-insured and licensed in the state of Florida (#SR0011391).

In addition, they are certified by the Florida Onsite Wastewater Association (FOWA). They follow FOWA’s commitment to, “protect the health of residents and maintain the environment.”

3. Honesty

We have all heard the nightmares of contractors springing surprise costs in the middle of projects. No one wants that. A good septic contractor will provide a written plan with estimates before starting the project. And they will offer it themselves. If your septic contractor has plans to start a project before offering you an estimate—it is time to find a new contractor.

Make sure it is clear that any additional repairs or projects, as well as any additional costs, found mid-project will be approved before proceeding.

Advanced Septic Services has a mission: “Educate homeowners to properly maintain a healthy septic system and take an honest approach to every project.” It’s been the winning formula for this local business since they opened in 1999.

4. Reputation

You’ve been promised a good rate and a speedy timeline. But, can they follow through? Back in the day, you would have to call for references or ask around. While this method still works, there is an easier way.

Online reviews and ratings make it easy to see if a company is keeping up with their promises. Do they have a good reputation online? It’s important to not get hung up on one stellar review or one less than perfect rating. Keep in mind the overall rating and customer satisfaction level. After all, there is a reason they average all of the ratings to get a final score.

5. Longevity

The new kid on the block may have all the knowledge and skills, but it is hard to judge their reputation. Or maybe the company has been around for awhile, but you notice that everyone that showed up to work is all learning as they go.

Longevity may not be the most important quality on our list, but it could make a difference. Someone that has been around for awhile and has an experienced work crew knows the specific attention needed to install or repair a septic system in your area.

6. Listening Skills

You learned them in grade school. But, it’s amazing how many septic contractors lose them. A good septic contractor will take the time to listen to your specific needs and problems. And more importantly—they will remember them.

If you are having to repeat your desires and issues every phone call or meeting, it is time to find yourself a better listening contractor. Not only does it waste time. It could create problems down the road if they have forgotten a requirement set by the homeowner from the start.

7. Flexibility

Flexibility in scheduling and the ability to adapt are important. Say a repair is taking longer than anticipated or another one comes up. Are they so busy that you will be put on hold for two weeks? Or can they fit it into your schedule? No one wants to wait around with a non-functioning septic system and a dug up yard while they find time in their schedule.

Can they adapt? A good septic contractor isn’t a niche contractor focused one part of the system. They need to be able to adapt. Septic systems are a large machine with plenty of parts. Can they move from one part to another seamlessly without calling in a different person?

What a Good Septic Contractor Does

They do it all—and more. A great, trustworthy contractor will put your mind at ease. They tell you exactly what needs to get done, how they are going to do it, for how much, and when it will get done. And then they follow through. It seems simple, but a good contractor knows that following through on promises is what matters.

They can be hard to find. But, it isn’t impossible. Keep in mind the 7 qualities: Knowledge, Licensed, Honesty, Reputation, Longevity, Flexibility and the Ability to Listen. If they have these qualities, you should be off to a great start.

Have a few more questions? Contact Advanced Septic Services today at (352) 242-6100 to get answers.