Bathrooms aren’t always about constant maintenance. We expect our clients to actually use their bathrooms, which is why we love to inform them of potential problems.

Sometimes your trip to the bathroom is a quick “in and out” dance. And sometimes those calls of nature require a little more time. So, what do you do to pass the time while doing your business?

We know your favorite thing to do is read septic maintenance articles from Advanced Septic Service but, we want to see you branch out. We’ve compiled a list of things to do while on the toilet to accomplish just that. Take a look (maybe while your handling your business).

9 Things to Do While on the Toilet

Things to Do While on the Toilet

1. Reading

What better time to brush up on your reading skills than when you are on the toilet? Here’s a list of our suggestions for bathroom reads, shall we even say the most poopular ones? #puns

Get your read on.

2. Spirit of the Bathroom

Have you ever had a conversation with someone only to come up with the best witty reply the moment you left the party? Why not use this time in the bathroom to replay those moments or create imaginary conversations that could happen in the future?

Do you have a hard time delivering that one punch line every time you attempt a certain joke? Use this time to practice your jokes or witty responses!

They say practice makes perfect, you know we all do it.

3. Make Important Calls

Nobody likes calling their internet or cellular provider. So, why not make these calls while sitting on the toilet?

If you know you’re going to be in the bathroom for a while, you might as well make those calls you’ve been meaning to do for the past week. That’s right, we’re saying that this is the time for you to make those calls to your local CenturyLink or Comcast representative.

Heck, call us! Do you have a question about your septic system and septic tank? We are over the moon to answer your septic questions! Don’t waste this valuable time.

When you’re all done in the bathroom, you can wash your hands clean of these responsibilities and emerge as a new person.

Pro Tip: Keep a firm hold on the phone. While we love hearing from you, by the time we get there to help remove your phone from your septic tanks it’s already a goner.

4. Exercise Your Brain

Have a stack of crossword or sudoku puzzles waiting to be conquered?

Now’s your time.

With all of the hustle and bustle in life, it’s hard to take enough time to think of the 9 letter word that holds your waste (septic tank, by the way).

5. Social Media

This is probably something that you already do. Take the time to check up on your social media accounts. You could be using this time to review your privacy settings or going through those photos that you may not want your new employer to see.

6. Shopping

Why not use this time on the toilet for shopping? Finding the perfect bargain takes time!

Do you have a friend or family member that has a birthday soon? Were you invited to a wedding or baby shower recently? Use this time to get ahead of schedule. Don’t wait until the last moment to find that perfect gift for someone.

Or, maybe your shopping for yourself. Go ahead! Treat yo’self. Buy that 3 ply toilet paper. Your tush will thank you.

7. Email

Be honest with yourself. How many emails do you have in your inbox right now? How many emails have you been avoiding answering? Making this a part of your regular bathroom is a great habit!

8. Find the Love of Your Life

In today’s technological world, everyone has a dating app on their phone. Spend this time finding the love of your life. They’re out there.

You can swipe while you wipe (if you’re coordinated enough).

9. Write Septic Blogs

Time is money, people. Time is money.

We’re serious about your bathrooms. We want you to have a healthy relationship with your septic system and lavatory. This includes taking the boredom out of bathroom breaks. So give these things to do while on the toilet a chance.

And give us a call if you have questions about the health of your septic system. You don’t even have to mute the call when you flush (although we might prefer that if we are being honest). Call us at Advanced Septic Services at (352) 242-6100.