No homeowner wants to hear the unsettling sound of a bubbling toilet. This is something that should be looked at right away, as it’s never a good sign. Often, a toilet bubbling requires the help of a professional plumber who can diagnose and resolve the issue.

A toilet bubbling is often a clear alert that something worse is to come unless immediate action is taken. Ignoring the bubbling sound can result in a much larger (and more expensive) problem within your toilets and septic systems.

Why is My Toilet Bubbling? Toilets and Septic Systems

What Are the Causes of a Toilet Bubbling?

If you’re hearing bubbling noises, it’s more than likely that your toilet has become backed up and clogged somehow. This can result in issues with proper flow and drainage. This gurgling noise often indicates negative air pressure within the drain pipes — generally because something is blocking them.

You may notice these bubbling noises after flushing or at random intervals. If the toilet is bubbling and the water is not draining, this can cause problems such as an overflowing mess in the bathroom.

Sometimes, a septic tank may get too full and stop draining correctly. The vent stack can also become blocked, most commonly with leaves. It will lead to toilet bubbling due to uneven pressure within the drain lines. Septic-related causes include:

How to Prevent a Bubbling Toilet

An easy way to avoid preventable toilet blockages is never to flush items that aren’t meant to be flushed. This can include baby wipes, sanitary items, paper towels, toys, etc. This isn’t always possible, especially when sneaky little ones are running around the house, and their new hobby is seeing what will (and won’t!) flush down the toilet.

Sometimes, these blockages aren’t the fault of anyone in the household. Suppose there is a clogged municipal sewer line. In that case, this is up to the city to fix, not any individual homeowner. Check with your neighbors to see if they’re having similar issues and if so, you can contact the proper entities.

How to Solve a Bubbling and Septic Problem?

Sometimes, a good plunge can remove the clog, and the toilet will begin draining as expected. If the toilet bubbling continues, it’s time to call in the pros. Bubbling and septic systems can go hand in hand, and the unusual noise lets you know something has gone awry. There could be a blocked drain line or even a mainline clog.

If a clog is located further down the line, a process known as “hydro jetting” may be required to release the pressure. This requires a professional. Plumbers also have camera equipment that they can use to visualize the problem and, therefore, solve it more efficiently.

Sometimes, all that’s needed is a drain snake to release a clog. These can be purchased at many home improvement stores. However, the professionals have plumber’s augers that are heavier duty and have a much further reach.

Other times, the clog is your septic tank — because it’s too full. Call your septic technician to get a septic tank pump out (usually every 3-5 years). From there, they can let you know if it’s on its regular schedule or if something is causing the tank to fill too quickly (excessive water use, too small of a tank, do-not-flush items, an aging system, etc.)

Issues With Your Toilets and Septic Systems? We’re Here to Help.

Suppose you’ve experienced the dread-inducing sound of a toilet bubbling in your home. In that case, you’ll want to get the underlying cause remedied ASAP. At Advanced Septic Services, we’re here to help with all your bubbling woes caused by septic issues. We can diagnose the root cause, remove any blockages, and provide a thorough inspection of your septic system.