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Plungers 101 & How to Use a Plunger

A clogged drain can be a sure sign that you’re having septic issues. However, it could also mean that you need to take matters into your own hands. You may need to learn how to use a plunger at one point or another. A plunger isn’t just meant to collect dust in the corner of your bathroom. Plungers are one of the easiest ways to solve a clogged toilet. And, they’re inexpensive. Chances are you’ve used one before. But, there may be plunger information you didn’t know about. Take a look at the basic information about these simple and [...]

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Effluent Filter Maintenance & Signs of a Failing Filter

Your septic system is made of several important components, including your systems effluent filter. Unseen and often forgotten, the effluent filter (or output filter) is an integral part in the health and longevity of your entire septic system. Like maintaining the rest of your septic system, effluent filter maintenance keeps your system healthy and doing its job. Luckily, effluent filter care is relatively inexpensive and can extend the life of your septic tank and drainfield. What is an Effluent Filter? Simply put, effluent filters are devices that filter your septic system’s wastewater (aka: effluent). [...]

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Pets and Septic Systems – What You Need to Know

Once installed, you hope never to meet your septic system again except for scheduled maintenance routines. But, remember that bone your dog lost last year. Well, he found it — and the septic system. And that cat litter you flushed is now becoming an issue in the septic tank. Pets and septic systems bring their own sets of rules and potential problems. But, you can quickly get a handle on them ahead of time, stopping issues down the road. Pets and Septic Systems What do pet hair, cat litter, dog shampoo and digging [...]

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3 Causes of Septic System Health Risks

We all know that septic systems need routine maintenance or else small problems can turn into bigger ones. Inexpensive fixes turn into expensive projects quickly if left unchecked. It could be as simple as a clogged toilet or a cracked septic tank that needs to be replaced. However, unfixed issues lead to more severe problems as well. Like your health. But, what are some septic system health risks and what do you need to know about them? How can you stop them before they happen? This post will inform you about the three major causes of septic related illnesses. [...]

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6 Summer Septic Tips to Avoid Problems

Summertime is meant for family, vacations, and barbecues. It’s easy to get behind with responsibilities, especially your septic system upkeep. Don’t wait until the day of the big pool party to deal with a clogged toilet or septic system. Now is an excellent time to think about what you can do to prevent septic system problems, starting with these summer septic tips. Caring for your Clermont home septic system is key to having a fun and memorable summer. Below we’ve provided you with a convenient list of six summer septic tips to help you take care of your [...]

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Do Not Flush Rules and the Reasons Behind Them

A lot of septic care starts with how you treat your system.  This includes monitoring the items that you put into it through the sink or toilet. In fact, following Do Not Flush Rules is one of the biggest things you can do for your septic system. There are plenty of things on the list of Do Not Flush Rules that you may already know about. But, what you might not know is WHY you should not put those things into your septic system. So, here’s a list of things that you should not flush, and the reasons behind [...]

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Medications and Septic Systems: Are They Safe to Flush?

We all know that there are substances that should not be flushed or put down the kitchen sink. Grease, coffee grounds, baby wipes are some of them. But, what about expired or unwanted medications? Yes, these go on the “do not flush” list too. Medications and septic systems don’t get along, even if they are “expired.” Pharmaceuticals vs. Over the Counter Medications So, what are we talking about when we say medications? We don’t necessarily include over-the-counter medicines. In the case of medications and septic systems, we focus on the ones that are prescribed to you by a medical professional. [...]

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5 Types of Septic Tanks

So, you’re the owner of a new property and need to learn about the type of waste management system you now have. You could be connected to a larger municipal septic system or have your decentralized septic tank. And it goes further, considering the different types of septic tanks you could have. While repairs and replacements are uncommon, septic pumpings and general septic maintenance and care require knowing what type of tank your septic system uses. Perhaps, one type even works better for your property and household needs. Knowing your options will help you make a cost-effective and energy-efficient choice [...]

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Tips for Snowbirds Leaving Florida & Vacation Home Owners

With the temperatures back in the upper 80's and 90's, we begin seeing the Snowbirds' departure from Florida. With that comes vacant homes and condos. But, are you doing everything right when leaving your vacation home? How do you prepare a vacation home to be empty until the temperatures begin to dip again? Here are a few tips for Snowbirds leaving Florida. Tips for Snowbirds and Vacation Home Owners When you aren't living in your home there is often no way to know if there is an issue. Set yourself up for success by following these tips for vacation home [...]

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Tips for Avoiding Clogged Drains

Many calls we get begin with: "I think my septic tank is full. Can you come out and pump it?" While in some cases this is true, septic tanks usually only need to be emptied every 3-5 years. More often, the causes are clogged drains. Also, many of the items and practices causing drain clogs negatively impact your septic system as well. Here are a few tips for avoiding clogged drains while saving you a potential septic repair. Tips for Avoiding Clogged Drains Avoiding Bathroom Drain Clogs Regularly Remove and Clean the Stoppers The leading causes of bathroom clogs are [...]

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