One of our favorite topics at Advanced Septic Services is septic system maintenance. Maybe because it’s essential to the health and longevity of your septic system. Our articles often discuss residential properties, but what about commercial septic system maintenance?

Commercial septic systems are a whole other ballgame, operating on a massive scale compared to their residential counterparts having larger septic systems, pipes, and drain fields. Also, different businesses, whether it’s an apartment complex or an auto shop, have different system requirements, from grease traps to stormwater run-off.

Because the septic equipment and the amount of wastewater, commercial septic system maintenance is essential, but can also be tricky. Ignoring a small septic problem on a commercial property potentially causes more significant issues much faster than in a residential system. Having a trusted septic professional to help with maintenance, inspections, and repairs helps!

Why Commercial Septic System Maintenance Matters

5 Reasons Using a Professional for Commercial Septic System Maintenance Matters

1. Experience is Key

Septic systems are complex and can have several issues. It could be a clogged pipe, septic tank build-up, or a broken component. All things that the professionals have experience fixing and addressing.

Further, experienced professionals know the rules and regulations of the state and the surrounding environment. They can advise you on the best and correct ways to navigate your commercial septic system needs, like repairs, replacements, and permits.

2. The Right Equipment is Necessary

It might be tempting to forgo a professional septic company and try to take your septic problems into your own hands. Sometimes a diagnosis is straightforward. However, don’t waste your own time misidentifying the actual problem or ‘fixing’ something that you don’t need to.

Professional septic companies are equipped to oversee commercial septic maintenance, in knowledge and equipment. You never really know the entire problem until you’ve taken a more in-depth look at the symptoms. If you have a problem with your septic system, the professionals will have the right tools, like cameras and pumps, to efficiently diagnose problems and or perform routine maintenance.

Calling a professional is the safest route too. If your commercial company is a restaurant, you’ll need someone to service your kitchen’s grease trap. Trying to do maintenance or repairs on your commercial property can put you or the public at health risk.

3. Saving Money is Important

As listed above, septic service companies have the know-how and equipment to advise you best. Calling a septic professional is the most efficient way you can identify and fix a problem. Did you know that doing regular maintenance can save you money?

If a commercial septic system is more significant than a residential one, then it requires regular maintenance too. This means having a professional look at your septic tank, drain field, and all of the components that come with it.

Professionals also can alert you of upcoming issues and help maintain a well-working system. You’ll be able to budget and plan the right time for future maintenance.

Plus, the most expensive repairs often occur after septic systems owners have taken matters into their own hands…

4. Keep Your Septic System Healthy

Larger properties mean bigger flows of wastewater. More wastewater means a larger septic tank. Remember that your septic tank is a functioning ecosystem of effluent bacteria, raw sewage, and other pathogens. While they work without needing your help, having schedules appointments to check the status of your septic system and it’s bacteria will help you (and your system) stay on the right track.

If your septic system is not correctly processing the wastewater, your septic system could back up or release dangerous toxins back into the environment. Experts suggest that a commercial septic tank should see professional maintenance every three to five years.

5. You Can Focus on the Important Work

Calling a professional service to help with your septic maintenance means that you can focus on what’s important – your business. Focus on growing your company and clientele and let us handle the waste.

Remember that commercial properties are much different from residential properties in both scale and function. Working with a professional on your commercial septic system maintenance ensures a properly working system. So, give us a call today at Advanced Septic Systems.