Glug-glug-glug. Wondering what that noise is? And where is it coming from? Is that your septic tank gurgling?

With your septic system living underground and out of sight, it’s important to clue in other senses to help discern when your system is in trouble. This includes your hearing.

When it comes to noises and a gurgling septic tank, it’s time to take notice. It could mean that your septic is having issues.

Why is my septic tank gurgling? Advanced Septic Services of Florida

Why is My Septic Tank Gurgling?

With any new sounds, including gurgles, it could point to trouble. When it comes to your septic tank gurgling, it could be a sign of a few issues.

Septic Backups

Often gurgling pipes mean a septic backup. Meaning there is too much solid waste in your system, and wastewater cannot be treated and sent to the drainfield.

This could be from an unhealthy bacteria population, a delay in a scheduled pump-out, a clogged drainfield, or more. And with waste being left untreated, it could start going into your home.

The time to call your septic professional was probably yesterday, but today works too!

Full Septic Tank

Before you revert to full “septic backup” disaster mode, stop and think about when was the last time you pumped your septic tank.

Due ever 3-5 years, septic pump-outs are an essential piece of septic maintenance. It removes built-up sludge from your tank to allow space for proper waste and wastewater treatment before flushing treated water into your drainfield. 

Gurgling could mean that your septic tank is full. And with adverse environmental effects from pushing untreated waste and wastewater directly into your drain field, you’re going to want to call your septic professionals as soon as possible.

Blocked Drains and Pipes

That would be a big win! Clogged and blocked drains can cause slow drains and gurgling as water and waste slowly trickle through the system. But, they aren’t as expensive or intensive to fix.

It could be an easy at-home fix with a quick plunging or snake (we suggest avoiding chemicals as those wreak havoc on the necessary bacteria in your system and can cause more significant issues – see above). 

Perhaps it’s the pipes running from your home or in your drainfield that are having the issue. Maybe you flushed one-too-many “flushable” wipes down the drain. While not as easy to fix as a clogged drain, the fix is more straightforward than with a backed-up system and usually requires a professional snaking or jetting to clear the clog. 

Issues in Your Drain Vents

Take note of when and where you hear the gurgles. If it’s when you flush, but you hear in the shower or sink, that indicates an issue with your drain vents.

What are the drain vents?

Drain vents remove sewer gas from your pipes, releasing them outside of your home while also allowing fresh air into the system to help push waste through your pipes. You’ll want to repair these quickly as any cracks or flaws in the system could allow sewer gas to enter your home.

What to Do When You Hear Your Septic Tank Gurgling

It’s quite simple: call your septic contractors. When it comes to new noises from your system, always err on the side of caution and get the professionals to check your system’s health.

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