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How To Obtain A Septic System Permit In Lake County

Installing a new septic system?  Here’s your “How To” guide for obtaining a septic system permit in Lake County Florida. The permitting and inspection of Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS), aka septic systems, are handled through the Florida Department of Health. A properly installed and maintained septic system provides an environmentally safe way to remove wastewater and protects our water sources. With 90% of Florida’s drinking water supplied from our state’s groundwater, it’s a valuable resource to safeguard. The environmental health department in each county is responsible for maintaining local ordinances that meet or exceed the state requirements.  [...]

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Exploring Lake County Waterways and Blueways

As the name implies, Lake County is fortunate to have an abundance of lakes and waterways, including designated blueway trails.  Blueways are similar to hiking trails – just on water. Geo-positioned and physical markers guide paddlers as they explore through the waterways. These blueway trails include beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife with easy access for kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards. Exploring Lake County Waterways and Blueway Runs The Lake County Community Blueways Project helps residents explore eight different scenic runs including: Blueway Location Length Difficulty Water Body Blue Creek Run North Lake County - Astor FL 4.1 miles 4 Blue [...]

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